UPDATE : 26 March 2009 - Lottotemplates has been updated to make provision for the new ticket price of R3,50 per line!

Since it's inception in January 2001 this site has had an average of 9000 visitors per month. That makes it by far the most popular lottery website in South Africa. Why? Because our system works!

Are you playing the lottery every week and losing?

Of course you are!! Why? Because your chances of winning are 1 in 14 million!

Lottotemplates aims to provide you with a method of reducing those odds by "optimizing" the number you play with. Your bad luck is a thing of the past!! To explain the system, you first need to understand the odds your are up against and how permutations work. Click here to see an example.

Then, to see how the templates can solve your problem, click here to see how they look and how they work.

Stop wasting your money every week and start winning some back! We guarantee you will improve your chances from the moment you start using our system. So, go ahead, order now!

If "The Templates" are not for you, why not try something different? How about a list of numbers that contains more than 90% of the previous jackpot draws. This list contains about 270,430 combinations of numbers but is much less than the 13,900,000 combinations that we play with at the moment. Choose your numbers from this list and stand a much better chance! Read some comments from users who have used our list and have won, and order the "Reduced List". You can also leave your own comments or tips (if you want to share it!) Here you will also find our replies to many of your most "Frequently Asked Questions".

If you still don't understand something, you can contact us and request a reply to a specific question. Please make sure that the question you ask has not already been answered in the FAQ section under news

Our thanks go out to the many people who have supported us and made our website so popular!